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Sheepdog breed


It is one of the four unique breeds of Belgian sheepherding dogs known as Malinois Shepherds. Due of their apparent similarity to the German Shepherd, they are frequently misidentified.

One of the most intelligent breeds of dog is the Malinois. In 1911, the American Kennel Club originally recognised the breed as a member of the Miscellaneous Class.

History of the Belgian dog

There have been Belgian Malinois in existence since at least the 18th century. Their name derives from the Malines region of Belgium, where they first appeared. Short-coated Belgian Shepherds were originally registered with the Societe Royale Saint-Hubert in 1981, when one of the first of the breed was born.
They have always been regarded as one of the best herders of cattle in their own country. Initially, the breed was produced by serious dog owners who were mainly interested with creating dogs with excellent working qualities. The Malinois became the preferred dog of Belgian sheepherders and cattlemen because of its focus on performance.
In 1911, the breed was imported to the United States for the first time. Like other breeds, Belgian Malinois Shepherd populations dropped following World War II. After being presented to the American Kennel Club's Working Group in the 1960s by a group of Mal's supporters, this breed was reintroduced to American homes. The Belgian Malinois was categorised as a member of the Herding Group in 1973, where it remains to this day.
As a sheep herding dog, the Malinois was initially intended to be a police and military dog, search-and-rescue dog, assistance dog, and security dog.


A well-balanced, square, medium-sized dog, the Belgian Shepherd looks a lot like the German Shepherd. The dogs may be large and powerful, yet they are light on their feet and remarkably nimble for their size. They also exude dignity and elegance at all times.

Long, cat-like paws and a wide, deep chest make them look like cats. The muzzles of Malinois are long and tapered, but not narrow. In addition to their black eyes and nostrils, their ears rest high on their heads and are always vigilant.
The tail of a Belgian Malinois Shepherd is robust at the base, medium in length, and must never create a hook or deviation in accordance with breed standards.
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To the touch, Belgian Malinois have hair that is short and crisp. They have a thick double coat, with an extremely dense undercoat and a thick topcoat that protects them from water and adverse weather. In order to keep the hair from tangling, it is brushed against the body.
From fawn to mahogany, Malinois have a black mask on their face as well as a black ear tuft and black tips on their fur. In Malinois of a lighter tint, the tips of their toes or the chest may be somewhat white.


Known for their keen sense of awareness, intelligence, and boundless activity, the Belgian Shepherd is a canine guardian who is never far from action. Due to their heritage as working dogs, Malinois, like other Belgian Sheepdog breeds, need a lot of exercise, whether it's playing with other dogs or taking long walks.
The way they stand and the proud, attentive look in their sparkling eyes should convey their active, alert temperament and confident attitude, expressing no fear or aggression.
In order to develop a well-rounded personality, Malinois puppies must be exposed to a wide variety of stimuli from an early age.

Health and medical care

10 to 14 years is the typical lifespan of the Belgian Malinois dog. In comparison to other purebred dogs, this one has a significantly longer life expectancy (10 to 13 years). The following health conditions are more likely to occur in giant dogs than in smaller ones.

Dysplastic Hips

Atrophic Retinal Degeneration

Dysplastic Elbows


In terms of grooming, Belgian Malinois Shepherds are rather low-maintenance. Because of their short hair, they don't need to be trimmed very often, and a weekly brushing will take care of that. Because they shed so much in the spring and fall, you may need to brush them every day during those times.
In addition to clipping their nails and cleaning their teeth and ears on a regular basis, the remainder of their maintenance consists of simple tasks like these.